Buy to Lets for bargain hunters.

If you are looking for a good buy to let opportunity, try property in the following areas.
With a £25,000 deposit for a purchase price of £100,000, Cumbria could fit the bill. Yields in Barrow can be as high as 11% for flats or 8% for terraced houses.
With a £40,000 deposit for up to £160,000 purchases, try Staffordshire Moorlands. Flats here for £138,000 can yield an average of 5.2% with terraced houses providing an average of 5.6% with a purchase price of £134,000.
Up a notch, and for a £60,000 25 % deposit in Nottinghamshire, flats can be bought for £195,000 with a yield of 5.9%. Meanwhile terraces at £215,000 are yielding up to 4.8%.

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