Family Protection

Protecting our families is one of the most basic instincts so making sure that they are provided for financially, should anything happen to the breadwinner, is of prime importance.

As part of our comprehensive review, we will consider the following possible arrangements for you and yours.

To pay off any debts and to provide an income for the family for as long as it is required;
To replace your earnings should you become too ill to work or are injured. This should cover all expenditure, and remember outgoings can increase if a breadwinner is incapacitated;
If a family carer is ill or dies their activities still have to be undertaken;
If NHS waiting lists are too long urgent medical procedures may be provided by this private arrangement;
A cash lump sum may be very helpful if a family member is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness;
An insurance policy can help here to cover those continuing household bills if you are made redundant. See the following Government tool to help calculate your statutory redundancy entitlement from your employer:

We will undertake periodic review of these arrangements to assess their continuing suitability.

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