Family Protection

Protecting our families is one of the most basic instincts and making sure that they are provided for financially, should anything happen to a principal breadwinner is of paramount importance.

Yet it can be all too easy to forget to keep arrangements up to date.

We will look at your current position and then recommend a comprehensive programme which may include some or all of the following arrangements:

  • Life assurance – to pay off any debts and to provide an income for the family for as long as it is required;
  • Income protection – to replace your earnings should you become too ill to work, or are injured as the result of an accident, this should not just cover mortgage repayments but all aspects of expenditure – remember, costs can actually be higher if a family member is incapacitated;
  • Cost of care – if a family carer is ill or dies, the activities they undertake within the family still have to be undertaken;
  • Private medical insurance – despite some improvements in NHS waiting lists, it can still take too long for much needed surgery or treatment;
  • Critical illness cover – a lump sum can be very helpful if a family member is diagnosed as having a life-threatening illness.
  • Redundancy Protection – an insurance policy can help make your mortgage payment and pay towards some other household bills if you are made redundant. See the Government tool which will help you calculate your statutory redundancy entitlement from your employer at

We will also undertake periodic reviews to ensure that your arrangements remain adequate to satisfy your needs.

Later in life

There also comes a time in many people’s lives when living alone becomes too much, and there is no alternative to going into long term care. This can cost tens of thousands of pounds a year and we can advise on strategies that will help pay for care either immediately, or in the future.