Equity Release. Everybody’s talking about it! Shouldn’t you be too?

There is a lot of publicity surrounding Equity Release in the media currently. Some good, some bad and all confusing.Is ER even relevant to you?We believe that Equity Release is a product range that demands IDEPENDANT advice. We tailor advice to your individual needs, because our advice is made to measure, not off the peg. Let’s see if it is a good fit for you.Call 01902 311381 and try it for size.

In Sickness and In Health.

Good health has never been more relevant than in the current pandemic .There has never been a better time to review your life and health protection arrangements.Get your health and life insurance advice reviewed independently.Regents Court Financial can give you advice from the whole market, not just a preferred list.Call 01902 311381 for your free and independent review. Good Call!

Buy to Lets for bargain hunters.

If you are looking for a good buy to let opportunity, try property in the following areas.With a £25,000 deposit for a purchase price of £100,000, Cumbria could fit the bill. Yields in Barrow can be as high as 11% for flats or 8% for terraced houses.With a £40,000 deposit for up to £160,000 purchases, try Staffordshire Moorlands. Flats here for £138,000 can yield an average of 5.2% with terraced houses providing an average of 5.6% with a purchase price …

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Why should you rely on us for your Equity Release?

Unlike some ER firms advertising on TV, Regents Court Financial has whole of market access to source the best deal for you. Other advisers use a “panel” of preferred lenders. Where do you think the best deal will come from? Call us today for a free Equity Release discussion. Our independence is “Key”.

Lenders playing “Hide and Seek” with mortgage applicants (Their customers).

Lenders are currently issuing deals and withdrawing deals with little or no warning for applicants. Now more than ever it is vital to take mortgage advice from an independent broker. Our clients are not immune to the withdrawal of anticipated deals, but they are in a position to have a suitable replacement, without traipsing around to another lender. We do the traipsing, so you don’t have to.

What can Equity Release provide for?

Today, a client asked if Equity Release could be used to purchase anything, at all?YES. As well as buying that special holiday, new car or home improvement, you may use the cash to invest and help with your income in retirement. It is always worth consulting an independent expert, and that’s what Regents Court Financial is. Our free consultation will establish whether ER is right for you and how much you can release into your coffers. Call us on 01902 …

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Has the penny dropped, at last?

Is London losing its appeal to homeowners? It seems that the desire for great value and more living space is gaining momentum. Residential property hot spots include, Burnley, Trafford and Peterborough in England and Stirling in Scotland. Such locations are attracting multiple bidders and offers are being accepted well in excess of asking prices.

Coffee with Claire from Wiser Property Solutions

Andrew Clothier web-meets Claire Cowley from Wiser Propery Solutions Ltd. “So… here is my ‘Coffee With Claire’ this week where I was joined by Andrew Clothier from Regents Court FinancialWe discussed buy to let mortgages, with many topics that would be interesting, particularly for the new buy to let investor.We talked about the difference between using an independent financial advisor and going to your local bank, we talked about what a stress test is and if you need to own …

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Is Equity Release right for you?

Lots of homeowners are accessing tax free cash from their homes, so you may be wondering if it’s right for you. For many, this is a very attractive option to fund that special purchase or home improvement.  Firstly, you need to be over 55. It’s a type of loan, for example a Lifetime Mortgage. You can get up to 60% of your property’s value. Typical interest rates are between 3% and 7%. There will be other fees, like other mortgages. …

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