Lenders playing “Hide and Seek” with mortgage applicants (Their customers).

Lenders are currently issuing deals and withdrawing deals with little or no warning for applicants. Now more than ever it is vital to take mortgage advice from an independent broker. Our clients are not immune to the withdrawal of anticipated deals, but they are in a position to have a suitable replacement, without traipsing around to another lender. We do the traipsing, so you don’t have to.

What can Equity Release provide for?

Today, a client asked if Equity Release could be used to purchase anything, at all?YES. As well as buying that special holiday, new car or home improvement, you may use the cash to invest and help with your income in retirement. It is always worth consulting an independent expert, and that’s what Regents Court Financial is. Our free consultation will establish whether ER is right for you and how much you can release into your coffers. Call us on 01902 …

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Has the penny dropped, at last?

Is London losing its appeal to homeowners? It seems that the desire for great value and more living space is gaining momentum. Residential property hot spots include, Burnley, Trafford and Peterborough in England and Stirling in Scotland. Such locations are attracting multiple bidders and offers are being accepted well in excess of asking prices.

The times, they are a changin’.

So sang Bob Dylan, all those years ago. In the current pandemic the same applies to mortgages and protection plans. A free review of these will ensure that you are getting the best deal, TODAY. We have whole of market access, so call Ron Warren today on 01902 311381, and test our added value.

Fragile families

The current pandemic has clearly shown the World’s vulnerability to sudden ill health and death.Now is a perfect time for a free life assurance review. This will enable you to assess the level of protection needed for you, your family or business.Call 01902 311381 and ask for Ron Warren. We are independent and can provide the best advice for you.

Is your car worth more than you?

It is often the case that new clients, seeking mortgage advice, find out that their property and contents are insured for more than their own lives. Our life assurance advice is free, and independent, and we can help to redress the balance and restore you as the greatest asset you have.

MFB to landlords: ‘If you’re thinking of expanding… do it now!’

Mortgages for Businesses is urging landlords who wish to expand their portfolios to do so now thanks to the recent stamp duty cut, effective until March next year. Essentially, it means that landlords are now charged 3 per cent tax on properties that cost up to £500,000, whereas previously, the tax bill would have paid this plus residential rates of up to 5 per cent. A landlord buying a property at £500,000 will consequently see their tax bill drop from …

MFB to landlords: ‘If you’re thinking of expanding… do it now!’ Read More »

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