Business protection

Regents Court Financial has extensive experience of helping businesses to identify potential financial threats and to ensure that strategies are put in place to minimise their impact.

Loss of key employees

It often commented that for most businesses – large and small – their most valuable asset is their employees. But what is less commonly recognised is that there are usually one or two people whose loss through illness or injury could be potentially catastrophic for the company.

In some cases, there are “obvious” candidates for the accolade of “key person” such as the top salesperson, account handler or Managing Director. But in some cases, there can be critical reliance on an IT manager, dispatch manager or Finance Director, the loss of any one of whom could damage operational effectiveness, customer satisfaction or bank confidence.

We can help you identify who is critical to your business and then arrange cover that provides a lump sum or income to cover the cost or replacing them at short notice – which is invariably more expensive than their existing salaries!

Loss of shareholder or partner

The loss of a partner or shareholding director can be immensely damaging to a small business because ownership of the company can effectively be lost, if testamentary arrangements are not correctly set up.

We can help arrange a “company will” that ensure control of the business remains with the “right” people, whatever happens, and arrange any necessary insurance to ensure that families and other beneficiaries can be adequately compensated, where necessary.

Retaining staff

We can also advise on flexible benefits packages that can help companies to retain top quality staff – which is almost always more cost-effective than recruiting and training new ones.

Working with other professionals

We at Regents Court Financial are pleased to work closely with fellow professionals such as accountants and solicitors in order to ensure that they are able to identify clients needs, but do not have to become involved in the complex process of giving individual advice.

As part of our service, we will:

  • Respond within two working days to requests for client contact;
  • Keep the professional up-to-date with relevant developments in respect of clients introduced to us by them;
  • Involve them in discussions that are appropriate to the advice given to mutual clients, where appropriate;
  • Provide briefings covering topics that will be of general interest to them and their clients.
  • To find out more about our service for fellow professionals, please click here.

We do not charge for an initial consultation.

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