Month: October 2020

Equity Release. Everybody’s talking about it! Shouldn’t you be too?

There is a lot of publicity surrounding Equity Release in the media currently. Some good, some bad and all confusing.Is ER even relevant to you?We believe that Equity Release is a product range that demands IDEPENDANT advice. We tailor advice to your individual needs, because our advice is made to measure, not off the peg. Let’s see if it is a good fit for you.Call 01902 311381 and try it for size.

In Sickness and In Health.

Good health has never been more relevant than in the current pandemic .There has never been a better time to review your life and health protection arrangements.Get your health and life insurance advice reviewed independently.Regents Court Financial can give you advice from the whole market, not just a preferred list.Call 01902 311381 for your free and independent review. Good Call!

Buy to Lets for bargain hunters.

If you are looking for a good buy to let opportunity, try property in the following areas.With a £25,000 deposit for a purchase price of £100,000, Cumbria could fit the bill. Yields in Barrow can be as high as 11% for flats or 8% for terraced houses.With a £40,000 deposit for up to £160,000 purchases, try Staffordshire Moorlands. Flats here for £138,000 can yield an average of 5.2% with terraced houses providing an average of 5.6% with a purchase price …

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