Month: August 2020

Fragile families

The current pandemic has clearly shown the World’s vulnerability to sudden ill health and death.Now is a perfect time for a free life assurance review. This will enable you to assess the level of protection needed for you, your family or business.Call 01902 311381 and ask for Ron Warren. We are independent and can provide the best advice for you.

Regents Court awarded top marks in Mystery Shopping Exercise!

When “Financial Adviser” newspaper decided to test a sample of four mortgage firms in the Wolverhampton area, they picked Regents Court as one of the (unwitting) participants and awarded us the top mark! The National newspaper selected three independent companies and one Building Society, then rang each organisation, posing as a new client looking for advice. They awarded marks according to Telephone manner Relevant qualifications Payment method Guidance provided Email/web presence Knowledge We scored 31/35, the highest mark, the lowest …

Regents Court awarded top marks in Mystery Shopping Exercise! Read More »

Is your car worth more than you?

It is often the case that new clients, seeking mortgage advice, find out that their property and contents are insured for more than their own lives. Our life assurance advice is free, and independent, and we can help to redress the balance and restore you as the greatest asset you have.

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