Month: April 2020

Is this the best ever time to change mortgage, without changing address?

Mortgage rates are now at an all-time low. And, alas so are house sales. However, great opportunities exist for those prepared to review their current mortgage, without moving home. Regents Court Financial offers a FREE MORTGAGE REVIEW, and with low rates in the mortgage market come great opportunities to cut the cost of your monthly mortgage. Or, you could take advantage to repay your mortgage early.Call today for an independent review, and see how well you could do.

Money Making Machines

If you had a money making machine, that you relied on to supply regular amounts of cash for you and yours, you would probably consider the hardship caused if it was to temporarily shut down or completely give up the ghost. An appropriate answer would be to assess the possible financial hardship and insure the machine against such risks.You are that machine. You work hard, day by day and bring home the means to support your family, business and yourself.Regents …

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Credit reference agencies agree to freeze credit scores

Three of the biggest credit reference agencies say that payment holidays taken as a result of coronavirus will not affect credit scores. Experian, Equifax and TransUnion all say that this ‘emergency payment freeze’, as they call it, includes mortgage payment holidays The payment freeze will not be recorded within the credit report at all, but the agencies warn that borrowers should ask individual lenders if going on a payment holiday will have an impact on future lending decisions because of …

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Government loosens right to rent rules

The government has made a temporary change to right to rent rules to make checking easier for landlords. The changes allow for landlords to see scanned documents rather than insist on original documents and allow for checks to be made over video calls. Despite this relaxation of rules, which is effective immediately, the government reiterates that checks are still necessary, and that, “it is an offence to knowingly employ or let property to anyone who does not have legal immigration …

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