Month: March 2020

Write your Will. Now!

Wills! Everybody knows that they should have one, but very few write them. This could be a very good time to consider this important instruction, for the benefit of your family, other loved ones and those that you wish to benefit from your estate. What is lesser-known, is that a solicitor is not a legal requirement in having a will drawn up and put into force. In its simplest form, a will is a summary of your estate, a list …

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Don’t forget your Mortgage Protection Plan.

Now is a very appropriate time to consider the risks associated with mortgages. You are clearly aware of the benefits and investment returns of your mortgage, but with benefits come risks. If you become ill, and cannot generate an income, how will you afford the mortgage payments? If the worst were to happen and you were to die, how would your dependents cope? Appropriate Mortgage Protection Planning should be at the heart of your property buying, and Regents Court Financial …

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Mortgage Payment Holiday Extended to Landlords

The government has confirmed that landlords will also be able to apply for a mortgage payment holiday. The Prime Minister did not make the announcement in his daily press briefing this evening, but he confirmed that tenants would get protection against eviction. Soon after the conference the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government announced on Twitter that mortgage forbearance would be extended to landlords. The development came after UK Finance stated earlier today that the three-month payment holiday “currently” …

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Corona Virus (Covid19) update

We are operating as usual during this period. Our spacious new offices allow us to work together without compromising each other’s “Social Distancing” in line with UK government advice. Please check this site for further updates.

Many lenders dropping rates following BOEs base rate cut to 0.25%

There are so many new and low interest rates in the mortgage market at the moment, this could be the best time ever to review the rate you are paying on your home loan. Call Regents Court Financial today for a free mortgage review, and see the deals we can provide for you. Call 01902 311381 and ask for Ron Warren

Rates drop on BTL fixes: Property Master

Rates for buy-to-let fixed rate products have continued to fall, according to the latest Property Master mortgage tracker. Research produced by the online mortgage broker for March 2020 showed the biggest month on month fall in cost was for two-year fixed rate buy-to-let mortgages at 50 per cent of the value of a property. The average cost of a £150,000 mortgage for 50 per cent LTV fixed for two years fell by £12 per month between February and March.

Corona Virus (Covid 19)

I have just Googled, ” How many UK residents have died of flu, this year”? Our Survey said, “This ranged from 1,692 deaths last season, 2018/19, to 28,330 deaths in 2014/15.” Since October, more than 4,000 people with confirmed flu have been admitted to hospitals in England with at least 70 deaths.6 Feb 2020.

Yorkshire and West Midlands Still showing Growth in Mortgage Lending

Gross mortgage lending dipped for the first time in almost a decade last year, annual figures from UK Finance have shown. Although the drop from £268.7bn in 2018 to £267.6bn in 2019 was only 0.4 per cent, it was the first annual decline since 2019. Behind the headline figure there were declines in first-time buyer numbers across all UK regions apart from Yorkshire and the Humber and the West Midlands, with the most pronounced reductions in the South.

Equity Release can help top up Retirement Income

Many over 55s are facing an unacceptable reduction in their retirement income. These days, projected or anticipated incomes from pension plans are appearing to be lower than required, for a financially comfortable retirement. For many, the answer is sitting in the bricks and mortar surrounding them. Equity Release can allow the over 55s to access cash, tax-free, from the property they have invested in over many years. Regents Court Financial is authorised and can provide independent advice for clients in …

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Landbay cuts BTL rates amid product refresh

Buy-to-let lender Landbay has made changes to its range of 80 per cent LTV products. The lender’s standard 5 year 80 per cent LTV product rate has been reduced to 3.89 per cent from 3.99 per cent; fees can now be added to all of its revised standard 80 per cent LTV products. Landbay has reduced the minimum landlord income to £15,000 in its wider product range, cut the minimum loan value from £50,000 to £30,000 and revised the minimum …

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